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Did you know that 3D precision models are used on a daily basis in Formula 1, football, movies, fashion, videogames and much more?

The aim of d3mobile.es is for students all over the world to participate in a team championship that will reinforce their STEAM skills (Sciencie, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). They will be using equipment well known to all: smartphones-tablets and computers. They will learn the basics of the photogrammetric technique with the help of one of their teachers and the free software they will be provided with. This methodology will allow them to build scaled tridimensional models of simple objects and it will only take them two afternoons of study to master it. /
and if you are a 3D modelling enthusiast and don't want to worry with precision, the D3MOBILE ART prize is for you.
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Did you know you can build 3D models with your smartphone-tablet? It's very simple, all you need to do team up with 2-3 classmates and get the support of a teacher /

Metrology is a branch of science dedicated to determining the most suitable methods for obtaining quality measurement of different magnitudes. Would you like to find out the level of metric quality you can obtain in a 3D model built with your own equipment? You’ll practice, analyze your results, draw conclusions, improve the quality of your 3D models and try to win the championship. /

Quick start guide
the plan?/
All you need is,
a smartphone/tablet,
a computer connected
to the internet and
a printer!!!
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e-mail us and we will give you
a simple tutorial.
You will see how easy and
entertaining it all is.

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